Know About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are an extremely popular treatment all over the world. Many women and men would not be able to survive without this treatment. You are training at the perfect time, as there is such a huge demand for professional eyelash technicians that are fully trained and know how to execute an amazing treatment.

Key points covered in this training manual.

  • History of Eyelash Extensions

  • Anatomy + Physiology

  • Contraindications and Health of Eyes

  • Client Consultations

  • Eye Shapes

  • Tools and Equipment

  • Lash Mapping

  • Refills

  • Removing Lashes

  • Aftercare & Pricing your treatment

  • Health and Safety

  • Lash Application

What You Will Learn

This eyelash extensions course will teach you how to apply individual eyelash extensions lash by lash in a safe environment using the correct tools. It teaches you how to isolate the natural lash as well as separate the lashes after your set, which is an integral part of the process that many do not teach.

The key benefits of the course

  • Fully accredited course

  • Fully suitable for all abilities from beginners to those already in the beauty industry

  • Depending on your location you can charge up to £150 per set for just 1.5 hr. worth of work

  • The cost per treatment is minimal so the profit margin is very high

  • You are learning from an experienced teacher who has built a lash business from her lounge to a fully staffed boutique

  • Refills for the treatment are recommended 2-3 weeks depending on your client's natural lash growth and the original set they have.

  • The treatment is very addictive and you will always have repeat business

  • The course teaches you everything you need to know about eyelash extensions

What the student will learn from it why they enroll

Amongst all the other important course modules mentioned this particular course also encapsulates one of the most important aspects of being an eyelash technician and that is to teach you how to maintain your clients. You will learn how to create loyal customers as well as maintaining your client's lashes so that they grow healthy and naturally whilst wearing the extensions. Eyelash extensions treatment is performed 1 to 2 times a month per client. When you learn how to maintain your clients you will always have a thriving business and your clients will also help you build your business for you, as they will be so happy with the service they receive from you that they will tell their friends about your amazing work and their friends and family will also book in with you too which is always amazing.

For a small investment, you could choose your own hours of work and work around your family and lifestyle. It is such a flexible job. You can choose to work from home, a lash studio, or a beauty salon. You control your hours. If you want a handful of clients a week or to be working full time this course is for you. It teaches you the essential skills you need to be the best eyelash technician.


Life Changing Course

Jamilla Bartnik

‘I was originally a client at Super Lash Boutique for years then I did the course as I have always loved beauty. There is a lot of information and I learnt so much. I didn’t actually realize so much went in to doing a set of lashes. It is like a whole new world. I really enjoyed the course and I am building up my clientele. Jo does really drill it into you to do your best each time and I understand why now’